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Meet Our Veterinary Team

Kendallville Animal Clinic was opened July 12, 1995, beginning another chapter in Dr. Scott Taylor's desire to assist animals. Dr. Taylor was raised on a farm near Decatur, Indiana and went to Veterinary School at Purdue University. He did an externship in Ethiopia, Africa, where he provided surgical and preventative medicine for domestic livestock and had opportunity to work with exotic animals like monkeys, cheetahs and lions. After Veterinary School, Dr. Taylor practiced in Mitchell Indiana and then in Auburn, Indiana working with both farm animals and companion pets. His desire to provide lifelong care for animals was the force behind the establishment of the Kendallville Animal Clinic. Explore "our services" for the care we provide. In 2010, Dr. Taylor had the opportunity to again work with exotic animals as he took over the primary veterinarian role at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary.  One day Dr. Taylor would once again like to go on short term mission trips to assist people and their animals in different locations throughout the world. His love for animals and people are seen every day as he cares for the pets that come into the clinic.

Danna, Receptionist

Danna has been with the Kendallville Animal Clinic since 2000. She bagan working in the veterinary field in 1979 when she volunteered at a local veterinary clinic. From this start as a small girl she has worked in Ohio, Oklahoma, and Indiana as a veterinary assistant.

Danna loves to work in the office and hear all the special stories about family pets.

Danna and her husband love to travel and in 1999 she became a travel agent. She and her husband travel as often as they can. She has 3 children and loves to spend time with her four beautiful granddaughters.

Danna takes pride in assisting clients with their veterinary needs and enjoys getting to know your pets.

Julie, Receptionist

Julie has been with Kendallville Animal Clinic since 2006. She was raised in Fort Wayne and moved to Kendallville in 1994. She has always had a great love for animals and has had many pets throughout the years.

Currently she has three cats. Her favorite part of her job is the interaction with the pets and their owners.

Julie always answers the phone with a smile and loves getting to know you and your pets.

Victoria, Receptionist

Victoria has been with the Kendallville Animal Clinic since late 2019. She is very passionate about helping people and their animals. She currently had three dogs, two cats, and a leopard gecko.

Kelly, Registered Veterinary Technician

Kelly has been with the Kendallville Animal Clinic since 2008. She brought with her several years of prior veterinary experience not only in primary care, but emergency and large animal medicine as well. She often assists Dr. Taylor in the cared of the animals at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary and enjoys working with such special animals. Kelly takes a special interest in strengthening the bond between owners and their pets by educationg owners on the best preventative care available.

Kelly has two cats, Cinderella snd Maurice. Shae has a fiancé and two children, a 9 y ear old daughter and a 3 year old son. In her free time Kelly enjoys spending time with family, in the summer you will likely find them at the lake or camping.

Kelly obtained her Veterinary Technician degree from Purdue and became a registered technician in 2016.

Carly, Registered Veterinary Technician

Carly has been with the Kendallville Animal Clinic since 2011. Prior to coming to this clinic, Carly worked in equine and large animal medicine as well as primary care. She enjoys education clients on how to keep their pets happy and healthy.

Carly has 1 dog, Fern, 4 cats and 3 horses. Carly and her husband have a 10 year-old daughter and a 6 year old son and in their free time they enjoy time together as a family around their pond or camping. Carly also has recently become a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. During the spring and summer months you will likely find her caring for orphaned raccoons and other wildlife!

Carly obtained her Veterinary Technician degree from Stautzenberger College and became a registered technician in 2016.

Megan, Registered Veterinary Technician

Megan has been with the Kendallville Animal Clinic since 2014. Megan’s love for animals started at a young age, she was a ten year 4-H member and has been working in a veterinary clinic since high school. While continuing her schooling, Megan was employed part time with the Purdue Large Animal Hospital for two years. After graduation Megan moved back to her hometown in Kendallville in 2010. She started working part time with us while also working at an equine specialty hospital. She is now with us full time. Megan enjoys working with all species from pocket pets to large animals. She also manages our inventory by keeping our clinic stocked with all necessary supplies and medications. Megan is happy to help you with any of your animal needs and enjoys getting to know you and your loved pet!

Megan lives on a farm with her daughter and two sons. There they have several horses, goats, and chickens along with three dogs and two cats. Megan enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and friends. She obtained her Veterinary Technician degree from Purdue University and became a registered technician in 2009.

Ashley, Registered Veterinary Technician

Ashley has been with the Kendallville Animal Clinic since 2017. She is from Fort Wayne where she currently lives with her fiance. Ashley enjoys getting to know clients and their pets and helping with general health questions!

Ashley has a special love for German Shepherds and mixed breed dogs. She currently has a spaniel and beagle mix named Ruby and a border collie and beagle mix named Sadie. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and being outdoors.

Ashley obtained her Veterinary Technician degree from International Business College and became a registered technician in 2017.

Amber, Veterinary Assistant

Amber has been with the Kendallville Animal Clinic since the fall of 2012. She enjoys working with animals as well as meeting their people. Amber loves helping others learn about animals.

Amber enjoys traveling. She has taken multiple trips to Poland and has spent an entire year there tutoring students in conversational English.

In her free time, Amber enjoys spending time with her family and trail riding horses. Amber has a Border Collie names Ben, two horses; Tr3easure and Cricket, and a cat named Milo.

Amber is currently participating in the San Juan College for Veterinary Technicians program online.

Lin, Veterinary Assistant

Lin has been with the Kendallville Animal Clinic since 2017. She is a retired veterinary assistant. Lin moved to Columbia City in 2010 where she lives today. She has over twenty years' experience in the veterinary field. Most recently she worked as a veterinary assistant/ keeper at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary in Albion. Lin still volunteers at Black Pine!

Lin lives on the lake with her husband. She has a schipperke named Deagan and two rescued cats; Bunnie and Allie.

Lin obtained her Veterinary Technician degree from The Medical Institute of Minnestoa in 1976. She has worked in the veterinary field ever since.

Samantha, Receptionist

Samantha started at the clinic in 2020. She has lived in the area her whole life and loves helping animals. Samantha is married and has 2 cats. Her smiling face is a welcome addition to our clinic family.

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