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Wellness - Life Stages

Wellness is more than vaccinations. Our mission is to provide caring, comprehensive care for your pets throughout their life, from the energetic pediatric years through their slower geriatric years.  Just like people, a pet's needs can vary throughout its life.  We are here to assist you and your pet as you travel through life together!


  • Pediatric Years - Young animals need the proper care to get them off to a healthy start. They need protection from infectious diseases and parasites. This is the most vulnerable time for these problems. We want to provide all the proper care and advice to ensure your new pet grows up healthy. 


  • Adult Years - Adult pets continue to require regular care to stay healthy.  Yearly physical exams are a good start. Your pet ages faster than you, so an exam every year is like you going to the doctor every 5-8 years. A lot can change in just one year.  Yearly preventative healthcare exam is the key to a long healthy life!


  • Senior Years - Proper healthcare is critical for senior pets.  Older pets face many problems including arthritis, heart disease, and cancer. These problems are often treatable or the disease progression slowed with proper care, especially when found early. Don't let health issues tarnish your pet's golden years. 

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Did you know that March is Pet Poison Prevention Month? This month is dedicated to keeping pets safe from accidental poisonings and educating pet owners on how to do just that. Some curious pets cannot help but get into trouble when it comes to exploring household items that can pose a danger. Others may incidentally walk across the garage floor, garden, or sidewalk and wind up ill. To help you better safeguard your pets, check out these common household pet poisons that most people don’t think about.

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12 Tips to Celebrate Pet Dental Health All Year Long!

Here is a fact we hope you’ll sink your teeth into: preventing periodontal disease (also known as gum disease). By protecting your pet’s dental health, you can extend their life by three years! Along with obesity, dental disease is a leading (and preventable) illness that takes the lives of far too many pets far too early. To make matters even more pressing, over 80% of dogs and 50% of cats over the age of three will develop periodontal disease.

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Planning Your Pet's Health This Year

Here’s a tail-wagger for you: 2021 is finally here. We are happy to welcome the new year with smiles and a rejuvenated sense of optimism. As a team, we remain committed to providing pets with the best lives they can experience. We’ve resolved to help pet parents find more ways to keep their pets healthy, happy, and ready to take on this year and beyond. To help you keep better track of your pet’s health and maintenance needs, here is a 12-month plan:

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We are a full-service veterinary medical facility, located in Kendallville, IN. The professional and courteous staff of Kendallville Animal Clinic seeks to provide the best possible medical care, surgical care and dental care for their highly-valued patients!

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